Tallinn 2018

ECT – 80 Years of Experience

Wednesday, May 23rd

Introduction – Marco Nobis 

ECT – Vastly Improved Yet Greatly Underused – Harold Sackeim

Subjective cognitive complaints associated with ECT and depression – Maria Semkovska

ECT and cognition – what do my patients and I need to know? – Declan McLoughlin


Thursday, May 24th

Lost and found – will ECT survive? – Edward Shorter

A Worldwide Survey of ECT Use and Development:

Western Europe – Pascal Sienaert, Alexander Sartorius

Nordic Countries – Tom Bolwig, Pia Nordanskog, Per Bergsholm, Kaija Järventausta

United States – Charles Kellner

Eastern Europe and Russia – Gabor Gazdag, Eduard Tsukarzi

 Asia – Chittaranjan Andrade, Mikael Tiger


Friday, May 25th

Clinical conclusions from the CORE group studies – Charles Kellner

A life time experience in ECT – the Take-home Message –  Jan-Otto Ottosson, Tom Bolwig, with appearance of Max Fink