About NACT

NACT (Nordic Association for Convulsive Therapy) is an association of people from different countries and professions (psychiatrists, anesthesiologists, nurses, psychologists, researchers) united by interest in ECT (Electroconvulsive Therapy) and other brain stimulation methods.  The main aim of the association is to increase knowledge of ECT through and to the members as well as persons and organizations handling ECT in the Nordic countries. By the use of web forum and regular meetings both scientific and common knowledge will be collected and summarized.

NACT was founded in June 2003. Since then, several meetings have been held. The number of members and participants in meetings have been constantly growing and is approaching 200.

ECT is regarded as the most efficacious biological treatment for the most severe psychiatric disorders. Since its introduction in 1938 a lot has changed but ECT still holds a very important role in the treatment of several psychiatric and neurologic disorders and nothing seems to change it in at least coming decades. Though, nowadays we still face many challenges – stigma, mechanism of action, proper clinical practice. And that is all NACT is up to.

NACT statutes