Malmö 2023


Scandic Triangeln, Malmö, Sweden
24-26 May 2023



History of ECT in Scandinavia – Håkan Odeberg
History of NACT with Entertainment Program – Marco Nobis
Based on a True Story? The Portrayal of ECT in International Movies and Television – Pascal Sienaert
Documental Movie from Copenhagen – Benjamin Fischermann
How to Define the Effect of ECT? – Martin Balslev Jörgensen
Using ECT in Patients with Comorbidities – Maarten Rozing

The Cardiovascular Side Effects of Electroconvulsive Therapy – George Kirov
Risk of Dementia After ECT – Merete Osler
Anesthesiologist View on Safety Issues of ECT – Maija Kalliomäki
Mortality After Electroconvulsive Therapy – Maarten Rozing
ECT and the Risk of Suicide – Axel Nordenskjöld
Is it Safe and Ethical to Use ECT in Children? – Anne Katrine Pagsberg

The Use of ECT During Pregnancy – Pouya Movahed
Safety of ECT at the Neuronal Level – Alexander Sartorius
Integrated Session on Quality Registers and New (Ongoing) Studies:

ECT in Norway – Research Activity and Quality Improvement – Eivind Aakhus
• The Use of Playlists to Ameliorate Anxiety for Patients Undergoing ECT Treatment – Lars Rye Bertelsen
National Quality Register for Psychiatric Neuromodulation Treatments in Finland – Lauri Virtanen
• Precise ECT for Severe Depression – a Multicenter Study – Kaija Järventausta