Gjøvik, how to get there?

Gjøvik is a town and a municipality in Oppland county, Norway. Gjøvik is one of the many towns bordering Norway’s biggest lake, Mjøsa.

The nearest airport is Oslo Airport (OSL). The distance from airport to Gjøvik is approximately 100 km.

There are several options to reach Gjøvik from the airport: direct bus, train, taxi, rental car etc.

Since arrive in Gjøvik it’s easy to find Quality Hotel Strand Gjøvik as it’s in the centre of Gjøvik, just where river Hunnselva is about to run into lake Mjøsa, and very close to train station and Gjøvik Culture Centre.


Invitation to 14th Nordic Experience Meeting

Dear friends,


We have the pleasure of inviting you all to the next ERFA-Meeting to be held this spring in beautiful Gjøvik, Norway. The meeting will be strongly clinically orientated, with the focus on anesthesia, use of Ketamine and markers of efficient clinical outcome. Special attention will be paid to long-term relapse prevention, perhaps the most important drawback for ECT traditionally used.

Håkan Odeberg, secretary of NACT



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Best regards,

Per Karlsten

NACT meeting coordinator


Thank you all!

The 18th anniversary and 13th NACT ERFA meeting in Tallinn was a great success – we thank all speakers who contributed to our knowledge about ECT still after 80 years being unsurpassed in efficacy for treating some of the most serious, disabling and life-threatening psychiatric conditions, and how technical improvements have dramatically reduced side effects. We learned also about the striking uneven availability and knowledge in different countries, and want to site professors Jan-Otto Ottosson and Max Fink:


The one unethical aspect of ECT is still the lack of availability for a large number of patients in need of treatment.


We also want to thank all lecture holders and participants for contributing to a generous and friendly atmosphere – the kind of atmosphere that promotes development of knowledge and exchange of ideas!


Now we already look forward to meeting again, this time in Gjøvik, Norway. Emphasis in this meeting will be optimizing treatment conditions and monitoring, to ensure effective and well balanced treatments, and again the great challenge: Preventing relapse. Program and invitation will come this autumn, but please reserve the dates:


ERFA IV in Gjøvik, Norway, May 22-24 2019


On behalf of the NACT board,


Håkan Odeberg, Secretary