ECT books

Quite an impressive amount of ECT books has been published. Here’s a list of ECT books we recommend. Find them in book stores!


ethics in ECT “Ethics in Electroconvulsive Therapy” by Jan-Otto Ottosson and Max Fink

ECT Fink “Electroconvulsive Therapy: A Guide for Professionals & Their Patients” by Max Fink

shock fink “Electroshock” by Max Fink

ECT APA “Practice of Electroconvulsive Therapy: Recommendations for Treatment, Training, and Privileging” by APA

abrams “Electroconvulsive Therapy ” by Richard Abrams

braddock “Electroconvulsive Therapy: Clinical Uses, Efficacy and Long-Term Health Effects” by Kathleen Braddock

Brain stim Reti “Brain Stimulation: Methodologies and Interventions” by Irving Reti

lisanby “Brain Stimulation in Psychiatric Treatment” by Sarah H. Lisanby

clinical manual “Clinical Manual of Electroconvulsive Therapy” by Andrew Kristal, Mehul V. Mankad, Richard D. Weiner, John L. Beyer

ECT children  “Electroconvulsive Therapy in Children and Adolescents” by Neera Ghaziuddin and Garry Walter

Kellner “Brain Stimulation in Psychiatry: ECT, DBS, TMS and Other Modalities” by Charles Kellner

Swartz “Electroconvulsive and Neuromodulation Therapies” by Conrad M Swartz

9781908020581“ECT Handbook” by Jonathan Waite and Andrew Easton



Kitty “Shock: The Healing Power of Electroconvulsive Therapy” by Kitty Dukakis and Larry Tye

Lutz “Each Day I Like it Better: Autism, ECT, and the Treatment of Our Most Impaired Children” by Amy Lutz

Kivler “Will I Ever Be the Same Again? Transforming the Face of ECT (Shock Therapy)” by Carol A. Kivler