How to get there?

Participating ERFA XV is easy:

    • Snekkersten is a former fishing village and current neighbourhood in the southern part of Helsingør, Denmark. Snekkersten station is an interchange between the Coast Line between Copenhagen (to Copenhagen) and the Lille Nord railway to Hillerød. The distance from Copenhagen City Hall Square is approximately 45 km. The town is connected by a train line, Kystbanen, to Helsingør to the north, and Copenhagen and other communities in the south.
    • The direct trains from Copenhagen Airport depart approximately in every 20 minutes and the nice comfortable journey with plenty of scenic views on his way lasts for 40 minutes.
    • Snekkersten station is 2 minutes’ walk from Comwell Borupgaardjust follow the signs you notice just after getting off the train.
  3. ENJOY