Invitation: NACT 13th Nordic Experience Meeting, 23-25 May 2018, Tallinn, Estonia

Dear friends,
I have the pleasure of inviting you to the perhaps most exciting NACT conference we have ever arranged. The Tampere meeting was a great success, and as ECT treatment now celebrates 80 years as one of the most efficient and life-saving treatments in psychiatry, still unsurpassed, we have collected a truly exceptional line-up of speakers, with generations of the most important researchers and clinicians in the world. The use of ECT is – perhaps more than for any other medical treatment – influenced by factors other than efficiency and objective safety profile, and during the meeting we will, in addition to updates of the latest scientific and clinical knowledge, be able learn about it’s historical background and use all over the world.
I wish you very welcome to what I truly believe will be our most exciting meeting ever!
Håkan Odeberg
Secretary of NACT


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